Thursday, 21 April 2011

Critical Games Research

So, I was going to research morality, but as I have had it pointed out how broad a topic it really is I am defining it a bit more. I am going to look into character development over a series of games developed by Black Isle studios.

So the games I am thinking are...

First and foremost, Planescape Torment -

Fallout, which actually was created before Planescape -

Icewind Dale -

I may look at the sequels for these as well depending. Though this feels like a bit of variety in the games and I happen to own all of them, so that is rather convenient, looks like some nice game play over my "holidays" which feels more like assignment week.

Guess I better get looking at all this stuff.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Research assignment

Thinking about researching the progression of morality in games, mainly RPG's I think, it seems to be becoming a more popular thing. I wanted to look at something involving RPG's as they interest me most and I want to look at how they have progressed but that would be too big a topic for this assignment. May have to branch out to more then just RPG's for the morality factor, but it would be interesting to look at.

Side note for myself, things to look at later

Monday, 4 April 2011

Game Concept for Flash

 A jumping platformer always heading up, with the idea to jump up to a new platform continuously (obviously), the catch is to prevent the player from being able to stop and think or pause or anything, all the platforms will be at a slight tilt so if the player stops moving they will slide off and die.

Also, there will be falling boulders that will slide down the platforms and hit the player thus knocking them off the platform to their death.

Jump pads and other collectibles will be included in various places, haven't quite worked that out yet, but they'll either help or hinder you depending.

If a player lands on a platform and does not immediately jump they will begin to slide off it, the player has till they have fallen off to jump off the platform or try a mini jump to stay on the platform longer. This means that the game requires the players full attention and they have to be constantly doing something to prevent death.

I was thinking of using this as my final Flash assignment, and I have now been given the go ahead, so I should start creating this very soon. I just need to work out the premise for it.

A boy chasing his lost helium balloon in a construction site may not be the concept I am looking for.