Thursday, 2 June 2011

General Up Up Slide update

So it appears I have been mostly documenting stuff either in my required project journal thing or in this book I carry around and scribble in when ever I think of something or need to work out a problem. I am all kinds of visual and kinetic. I need to write stuff out and look at it. Anyway, this is just a regular update of sorts.

So my original idea of having the player slide off of the platforms has come to, hurdle. The rotational collision in Flash is kind of silly so I can either put more work in and find a work around probably using matrices or I can just put that on hold and work it out later when I have more time and feel like continuing this game. (possibly in a whole other program, maybe I'll use it to teach myself a new language, that isn't AS3 and is in no way related to Flash at all) *cough* So I have come up with a better idea.

By better I mean I can implement it now (and have) and it still keeps the game how I want it to be. The player feels like they have to keep moving. So I have birds flying about that knock you off platforms, this rises the anxiety meter I have, (of course you can reduce it by finding anxiety pills, I'm not mean or anything) which when it becomes too high, you die and respawn back down the bottom. I don't have a set amount of lives yet, kind of an infinite tries thing. Also I want to have it so if you stand still for too long it starts to rise as well. All this will mean the player has to keep moving or, die. Or faint whatever.

Things I need to do
- stop procrastinating (yes, this blog is great procrastination)
- get more enemies in (I want some birds with more A.I., so they swoop and stuff)
- get a menu working
- have some set lives as well as the meter (If I have a menu, guess I should get this happening too)
- artwork! (usually I do this earlier, but I kind of liked how it looks right now, but admittedly the birds should be more bird like. Adding enemies has me convinced it needs a new style now. Now it looks dodge.
- another level could be cool
- polish code and game

Enough procrastination now, time to code it up!

Oh here is what the level set up looks like now. Also, check out previous posts for some runthroughs of the game.

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