Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Level setup

Been awhile sine I updating anything about the game I am working on. So here is some stuff. Got collision going and character movement, jumping and such. Needs some tweaking to get the jump to be just right. I have an anxiety meter set up and a HUD class to control it and anything else I see fit to put up there. Pretty pleased with the progress, tomorrow I shall throw in some enemies, get some things to trigger anxiety changes and throw in some anxiety pills to bring it back down. Sounds like a plan. If I can fit all that in with filling in paperwork for an assignment due Thursday. =/

But less about that and now to some images of my level setup. I do have a video of a quick playthrough currently uploading but probably won't finish anytime soon (free Vimeo account and apparently my internet is slow tonight) so I'll post it tomorrow.

This one here was my first setup I did tonight, then something funny happened and I had to redo it...

Got pretty close aye? So this is the one I got going now, I think.

Anyway, got to get up in4 or 5 hours, time for a bit of sleep.

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